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The Medical Futurist: Weekly Introduction

Working as a speaker and consultant with medical technology, pharmaceutical and web companies; as well as universities and governments worldwide, my mission as The Medical Futurist is to make sure the advances of technology lead to a better healthcare for everyone!

I publish a daily newsletter about the future of medicine, manage a popular Facebook page about the future; launched a Youtube channel and share related news almost every hour on Twitter.

Here is my new book, The Guide to the Future of Medicine:

KONYVBORITO_online final s 350

I’m also the author of Social Media in Clinical Practice handbookand the founder of, a service that curates medical content in social media for medical professionals and e-patients.

I launched The Social MEDia Course, the e-learning format of my university course focusing on medicine and social media for medical students, physicians and also patients with Prezis, tests and gamification.

I hope you will enjoy reading!

The Ultimate Starter Kit For Looking Into The Future Of Medicine

I receive a lot of questions from patients, physicians, researchers, developers, and policy makers after my talks about where they should start in discovering the future of medicine. Which books, movies, TV series or websites would help them understand and get a clear picture about where medicine and healthcare are heading because of new disruptive innovations.

Here are the top choices in each of these categories.

1) Books

Let me show you two books about the future of medicine. The first is The Patient Will See You Now from Dr. Eric Topol. This is the Number One book in digital health. The second is The Digital Doctor from Dr. Bob Wachter. These two books will give you an absolutely clear picture about where we are heading.

Here are nine more books about the future of medicine.


2) Movies

Regarding movies, Gattaca shows you the non-desired future of genomics. Big Hero 6 talks about how we could measure health parameters at home. And Elysium is discussing the future of radiology and how financial differences will harm society if it comes to health.

Read more in the Top 10 Science Fiction Movies About the Future of Medicine.


3) Television series

Regarding TV series, The Knick gives a great picture about the first years of modern surgery and how medicine develops over time. And I like Humans which depicts a future with robot companions and what problems on the level of society we will have with them. I also like Star Trek that shows you what people thought about the future of medicine decades ago.


4) Websites

These are the ones I check on a daily basis.

5) Social Media channels

Regarding social media channels, there are great communities on Google+ (see the image below) and I regularly check the futurology sub-Reddit on


What are your choices?

The Medical Futurist Youtube Channel: Introduction

I’ve been publishing videos for months on the Medical Futurist Youtube channel. I have covered the future of medicine, healthcare, diseases and technologies. I have also created top lists and movie suggestions. Here is a quick introduction to the channel and hopefully you will find the videos useful.

The most popular video is about the top technologies shaping the future of medicine.

And here are the playlists:

Have a great time browsing the videos and please feel free to leave a comment under the videos!

Neuromarketing In Action

I recently visited the team of Synetiq in their Budapest HQ and was impressed with what I saw. They use EEG and electrodermal measurements to determine which advertisement, movie or TV episode is going to be a success based on how viewers respond to each and every detail. They can tell how people respond based on the gender, age, brand preference and other features of the viewers. They just started working with the BBC.


About the company:

Synetiq Ltd. is a cutting-edge media research company providing content producers with emotional insights directly from their customers’ brain and body. Synetiq leverages recent developments in wearable bio-sensor technology to understand how people feel when they see an advertisement, TV show or movie, and helps its clients create more engaging videos and ultimately increase their sales. Synetiq’s approach, called crowdsourced neuromarketing, delivers unprecedented insights to understand customers anywhere in the world in a fast and cost-efficient way. Although several neuromarketing companies exist around the world, Synetiq is the only one offering home testing with biosensors.


The biggest obstacle they face is finding more and more people who would be interested in participating in the experiments in exchange for Amazon gift cards. Feel free to sign up here.

As a movie buff, it is a bit scary futuristic scenario that movies might get designed based on the neurofeedback of viewers. But I’m pretty sure we will learn a lot about ourselves. On the bright side, it might lead to a world full of personalized advertisements because ad blockers won’t defend us from huge screens, augmented reality devices and many more. But at least ads will be designed for us, individually.

Studying Anatomy Via Augmented Reality

When I was a medical student in 2009, I had to study anatomy in old books with the tiniest letters ever published. For a few hours every week, I could work on cadavers and learn anatomy in action. It was full of limitations and the smell of formaldehyde.


Microsoft’s Hololens device has the potentials to bring augmented reality to the masses. A partnership with Case Western Reserve University now keeps us thinking about the opportunities to improve medical education. Read more about it on Engadget.

The Immortality Bus and Transhumanism

I’m not a transhumanist but I cannot disagree with its main goals about pushing science, technology and healthcare forward as primary goals of society. That is why I support Zoltan Istvan’s campaign in which he will tour in the US with a coffin-like bus to initiate discussions about improving ageing research and longevity.

Zoltan is the Presidential candidate of the Transhumanist Party in the 2016 US elections and he wrote an advanced review for my upcoming book. Now, he launched a crowdfunding site for the tour on Indiegogo.

You can contribute here.


Taking Fear Out of Healthcare: Videos

Last week, I had a chance to give some short interviews about the future of medicine to TopLineMD and I enjoyed those discussions very much. Here is a video and please see the links to the others below.

The Future of Medicine

Genomics and Future Hospitalization

2020 – Human or Robotic Docs?

Proactive Patient


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