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Weird syndromes

I know it’s not just about genetics, but I’m always astonished by these names. I show you a group of my favourite ones:

  • Air controllers syndrome: Peptic ulcers occurring among air traffic controllers, as a result of job stress. (Illinois Medical Journal, 1972)
  • Creditcarditis: Pain over the rear and down thigh due to pressure on nerve from a wallet stuffed with credit cards.
    (New England Medical Journal, 1966)
  • Ice-cream frostbite: Frostbite on the lips from prolonged contact with ice-cream. (New England Medical Journal, 1982)
  • Money counters’ cramp: Painful seizure of muscles from counting too much cash. (English University Press, 1975)
  • Nun’s knee: Swelling of kneecap from repeated kneeling in prayer. (Diseases of Occupations, 1975)
  • Sick Santa’s syndrome: Low back pain from lifting heavy children and parcels and acquired illnesses from multiple contact with kids. (JAMA, 1986)
  • Television legs: Loss of normal flexibility of the legs from being slumped in a chair in front of the box for too long. (JAMA, 1958)


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  1. themiddlemanager #

    Very interesting list. I especially like the Ice-Cream Frostbite. I can just imagine someone sitting there with ice cream smooshed against their face! :)

    December 27, 2006
  2. lol…. I subscribed to your blog. It seems that we work for the same aims. :)

    December 27, 2006
  3. I’ve actually heard about the problems with sitting on thick wallets before…some people advocate moving wallets to a front pocket.

    December 31, 2006

      love you

      March 15, 2011
  4. rock road123 #

    i hav ice cream frostbite cuz im addicted to ice cream

    March 14, 2011

      hahahahahahahahahah that made me giggle

      March 14, 2011
  5. rockyyyy road123 #

    STOP IT its not funny!

    March 16, 2011
  6. rockyyyy road123 #

    wen i was little i ate so much ice cream thqat i didnt realize there was some left on my bottom lip, so i walked around with it on my face for 2 weeks (cuz i take a shower every other week) and by then i knew i had ice cream frostbite….

    March 16, 2011

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