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Grand Rounds: Dinosaurs

Grand Rounds, the weekly rotating carnival of the best of the medical blogosphere is up at Musings of a Dinosaur.

In the beginning, there was the Big Bang; followed in short order by the dinosaurs, polyester, HMOs and the internet. Although the crowning achievement of creation — Grand Rounds — has already been accomplished, the only thing we can be certain about is that things change.

Scienceroll has been mentioned again:

Rare diseases, while also not new, need to be brought back to our attention from time to time, as Science Roll does with Pompe Disease.

Next week belongs to GruntDoc, and after GruntDoc, it’s going to be Scienceroll’s turn. So prepare your clinical genetics related posts. But don’t worry, I’m against themes, that’s why I just ask you to submit any kind of good medical articles (although I’ll feature the genetics, genetic testing, newborn screening-related ones…) :)

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