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Google Labs: useful features for physicians and scientists

Special features I like and use frequently in Google:


    • Web history: I always lose some of my links and searches, so it’s incredibly helpful.
    • Google Alert: I get an e-mail everytime a new genetic blog is created somewhere around the world. We have to be up-to-date on our field. :)
    • Google Scholar: it’s far not as good as PubMed, but definitely different (it sorts the articles differently: how often the piece has been cited in other scholarly literature)
    • Google Suggest: I use it in case the original searches are useless as it will offer suggestions to search better.

    Check out Google Labs for more!

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      1. Anonymous #

        Google scholar also lets you follow what papers have cited a particular article, and indexes more than just abstracts and titles (so papers that use the searched for terms/words in the body of the text, but not in the title or abstract, will be returned in the search results).

        May 20, 2007
      2. Honestly? A wonderous selection of tools that is (the group, I mean) un-informed by a pressing need.

        Disconnected from the nuts&bolts, the hammer&tongs, even a fabulously clever project cannot be wise … because it’s not in-spired by the existential.

        Me? I’ve been honing in on a single aspect for 32 years … “participatory deliberation” … and I’ve cracked it like an egg. Alexander used his sword on the Gordian knot, and showed himself to be a brilliant problem-solver (he thought “out of the box”), if somewhat brutal. I’m quintessentially Canadian … just kept beavering away til it fell apart!

        December 15, 2007
      3. p.s. I missed a beat: that first sentence should read, “A wonderous selection of tools that is (the group, I mean) not in-formed by a pressing need.”

        December 15, 2007

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