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Interview with Kevin, MD

Dr. Kevin Pho is one of the most famous medical bloggers and now Cary Byrd, the writer of the eDrugSearch Blog posted an interview with him. The most interesting answer was:

Kevin: I browse about 50+ medical blogs daily, looking for interesting starting points of discussion. In no particular order, here are three that I enjoy:


I thought Kevin tracks at least 2-3 hundred feeds a day as he has 5-8 posts each day. I only have 1-2 posts but I track more than a hundred blogs and medical journals. Check out this video at to see how Scobleizer reads 600 feeds a day.

Further reading:

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  1. Attis #

    So, now a new point is the number of feeds one reads. I still remember the shock I experienced when my philosophy teacher told us that the number of books one has read is an adequate measure of one’s education.

    Mind my words: data mining. We will use it in five years just as naturally as right now we are using Google, or we are dead, drowned in our sea of precious information.

    May 22, 2007

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