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The Future of Wheelchairs

Yesterday, I found a great place in Second Life while I was just crusing through the several medical islands. A place for people with disability: Wheelies @ Second Ability. You can try how it is like to use a wheelchair. In the Second Life Health mailing-list, I’ve seen many interesting discussions about how this virtual world can help people with any kind of disabilities.

If you know how Second Life could help on this field, let us know!


Anyway, I’ve also found some blogposts about weird and futuristic wheelchairs. First, Doctor’s Gadget describes a new robot that turns the concept of a wheelchair on it’s head:

And our favourite medtech blog, Medgadget presents some developments from Porsche:


Don’t miss this useful presentation about the history and the future of wheelchairs.

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  1. HGH #

    this can help people to stand up?

    July 17, 2009
  2. i would love to know more. i have muscular dystrophy. i can still stand and walk a few steps without assistance, but i use a walker or power chair 100 percent of the time. im always imagining better wheelchairs. we also need higher arm rests for better support and for breathing assistance. pushing down on arm rests with forearms helps lift the ribs up off the lungs. thank you … i would love to get a reply. have a nice day. im 44.


    March 23, 2012

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