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Carnivals’ day: Medicine 2.0 and Grand rounds

med320.jpgMedicine 2.0 is the blog carnival of the relationship between web 2.0 and medicine/health. We try to collect articles, posts that could ease the work of physicians, medical students, nurses or medical librarians. We focus on web 2.0’s impact on medicine. The fourth edition is up at Healthline Connects. JC Jones created a unique edition. More than a dozen of submissions; interesting topic; nice selection and images. Thank you, JC Jones, for hosting (and for mentioning this awful heat here)! I loved this section:

I hope you will all bear with me for being late with this and help me wrap my brain around this issue. Here we are – pioneers on the new frontier of Medicine 2.0 – the marriage of new technology and health care.

The editions of Medicine 2.0 so far:

Next time, be prepared to send your submissions to The Health Wisdom Blog!

Grand rounds is also up at A Chronic Dose with mentioning Scienceroll.

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  1. Berci,
    I would love to host the next edition.

    July 24, 2007
  2. We would love it to have you as a host in August. :)

    July 24, 2007

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