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SciFoo lives on in Second Life: Web 2.0 and Medicine

An other fascinating experience today in Second Life! I enjoyed so much to be a co-organizer with Jean-Claude Bradley of today’s session on the Second Nature island. With about 30-35 participants and 5 posters, I really believe we had some interesting and mind-blowing discussions. According to the feedback, people liked my presentation (Web 2.0 and Medicine).


  • First, I talked about web 2.0’s impact on medicine: medical blogs (code of ethics, rankings); medical wikis (Ask Dr Wiki, Radiopaedia); medical podcasts, videocasts, search engines, and our Second Life project, the Ann Myers Medical Center where we had our first medical training 2 weeks ago.
  • Then Max Sanel from introduced their unique medical community (with more than 2600 members from 70! countries). They’re totally open for any kind of feedback. If you’re a medical professional (or just working to become one), consider joining them!
  • Lauren Possiel accepted my invitation as well and presented PhD students founded the site to create a free, web-based community for life scientists and physicians, aimed at making the world’s biomedical research information universally accessible and useful. So if you would like to use a more interactive Pubmed, then try Biowizard! You can get a Biowizard T-shirt on the SL island. E-marketing, isn’t? :)
  • In the end, Jean-Claude and Dan Zaharevitz told us about Drug Design and web 2.0. It seemed to me that  complicated processes like drug designing become easier by these web 2.0 tools (blogs, wikis, mailing lists, Second Life).

Deepak from bbgm couldn’t make it (How do I know that? Via Twitter!), but he will definitely love the next session about science videos (JOVE, Bioscreencast, SciVee, etc.). So if you’re interested, see you next Tuesday at 16:00 GMT on the Second Nature island.

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  1. max #

    Berci, what an awesome event. Thank you for the invitation to present!

    August 27, 2007
  2. CC Carnell #

    I wasn’t able to get on line, but I’m sure that you succeed. Congratulations.

    August 27, 2007
  3. I already blocked of time. No way I am missing that one. I WILL be there and with a poster as well.

    I wish I could have made it :)

    August 27, 2007
  4. Thank you, Max and CC! It was an incredible event. :)

    Deepak, I’m sure you’ll love that one…

    August 27, 2007
  5. Nadine van meeteren #

    Ha Berci/Bertalan
    Too bad i had to miss it.
    Am glad you gave me a sneak preview the day before!
    greetings Vera/Nadine

    August 28, 2007
  6. Never mind, Vera! Don’t forget the date of the next session. :)

    August 28, 2007
  7. Bertalan, thanks again for hosting the session.

    I’m proud to say that the t-shirt giveaway is not exclusive to the SL island. We actually have a link on our site for a FREE BioWizard t-shirt:

    At this time, the promotion is open to US residents only (but we’ll make an exception for you, Bertalan).

    August 28, 2007
  8. Indeed incredible event…2 bad I didn’t participate..wish I had

    May 10, 2008

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