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Live Coverage Now: SciFoo lives on session about the definition of Open Science

We’re back again! Here is a new SciFoo lives on session in Second Life, this time about the definition of open science. For those, who don’t have access to Second Life, I’m going to blog live about what’s happening inside SL now (time in Second Life or Pacific time):

Live Coverage starts:

  • 8:55: More and more participants are coming. Here is the first image of us:


  • 9:01: Jean-Claude Bradley is launching this session with his poster on Open Notebook Science.
  • 9:03: We’re also going to have Bill Hooker and Richard Akerman speaking today.
  • 9:05: There are plenty of definitions for open science.. Could you give us a good definition?
  • 9:06: Jean-Claude defines Open Notebook Science (ONS): it is where the reseracher’s actual lab notebook is made public in real time. You use wikis, blogs, etc. to make your scientific work more public. “By doing ONS, people can also study how science actually gets done, messiness and all…”
  • 9:10: Jean-Claude’s students have a wiki where they can list and mention their experiments and Jean-Claude can leave questions, notes for them. It’s an easy way to track, correct and discuss.


  • 9:11: Bill said: “I think science will (soon?) be reported experiment-by-experiment.”
  • 9:15: Usefulchem wiki is the perfect example for open notebook science. See all those experiments!
  • 9:20: Richard Akerman: it’s about making better *science* through collaboration and open sharing!
  • 9:22: Richard Akerman: often today data and failed experiments are lost from the record, even if they had some original digital format. He says the key is open scientific communication.
  • 9:24: The example for this is the eSciDoc project.


  • 9:25: Richard Akerman: What I’m concerned about is if we’re not careful, often we end up with closed systems – like Facebook, or even Blackboard and WebCT.
  • 9:28: That was all about Open Notebook Science. Now we’re moving to Bill Hooker‘s poster.
  • 9:30: First question: do we need/want to define Open Science?
  • 9:33: Ok, Ok open science. But in what format?
  • 9:37: We get back again and again to wikis. Scientists should use wikis to track the experiments, to communicate more easily with other researchers.
  • 9:38: Next question, what is the role that journals such as nature have or should have with open science? (Nature is the leader in this field. Just an example: who does organize this session? Of course, Nature Publishing Group.)
  • 9:40: Nature Precedings again. They accept nearly any kind of format of pre-print publications/works.
  • 9:41: Here is a professional wiki! We seem to be more interested in tools than definitions.
  • 9:42: Please welcome both Bill Hooker :)


  • 9:49: It seems Bill was the last speaker today. Next time (next Monday at 16:00 GMT), we’re going to talk about sites providing scientific videos (JoVe, SciVee, Videojug, Bioscreencast and more. See you then!
  • 9:53: Thank you Jean-Claude for making this happen!


Live Coverage ends!

Thank you for watching! See you next Monday at 16:00 GMT to learn more about science videos.

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  1. Mind if I swipe that screencap? :-)

    September 4, 2007
  2. Sure, Bill!

    You like it, don’t you? :)

    September 4, 2007
  3. Yes, I do! It’s the first picture anyone’s ever taken of me presenting and a great hook for a blog entry about SL.

    September 4, 2007
  4. Great job Berci! You really captured the sense of the session with all those screenshots and summaries

    September 5, 2007
  5. Thank you, Jean-Claude! I won’t be able to blog love during the next session for sure. :)

    September 5, 2007
  6. Anonymous #

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    July 23, 2009
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