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Individualized Genomics: Update

Even in the lab I’m working in, we always say a word about, of course, Craig Venter’s genes. So I’d like to share the best summaries and my favuorite sentences of bloggers with you.

First, Sandra Porter asks an interesting question (Why is sequencing a human genome so expensive?) and tries to answer it at the same time. She says with the salaries of the authors and with all the sequencing processes, Venter’s genome costs at least a 100 million $.

David P. Hamilton has an excellent (as far as I remember, Deepak used the same word for David’s writings) post on this Venter story written with masterful sarcasm:

The real significance of Venter’s genome is that it has officially kicked off a new era of “celebrity genomics” in which we’re likely to see a progression of rich and famous people pony up the $100,000 it takes to glimpse their genetic future.

A New Human Genome Sequence Paves the Way for Individualized Genomics from PLoS Biology written by Liza Gross:

The predictive power of individualized genomics, they argue, will depend on gathering far more genomic data from many more individuals. Until then, an individual’s genome sequence will work best in predicting risk for diseases associated with single-gene mutations, like Huntington disease or Fragile X syndrome.

I hope I’ve already welcomed GenomeBoy in the DNA-Network Team. If not, then here is a recent post: Oral fixation

Hsien-Hsien Lei, as always, has a great summary of what has happened in the last few days in the blogosphere.

And at last, take a look at the official Venter genome (the so called “HuRef”) page or navigate among his genes interactively.


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  1. Thanks for the welcome and all of the great links. I’m thinking Venter’s sequence would make an outstanding placemat…

    September 7, 2007
  2. You’re welcome, Misha! :)

    September 8, 2007

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