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Live Coverage: SciFoo lives on session about videos in science

The new SciFoo lives on session in Second Life is about videos in Science. We’ll have participants, speakers from Bioscreencast, and many more. For those, who don’t have access to Second Life, I’m going to blog live about what’s happening inside now (PDT time):

Live Coverage starts:

  • 8:42: I’m setting up the poster for It’s Apryl from SciVee on the left.


  • 8:52: We have more and more participants. A lot of people from Nature!


  • 8:55: It seems Videojug and JoVe couldn’t make it…
  • 9:00: Sharp start again! The first speaker is Deepak Singh from Bioscreencast.
  • 9:04: So many interesting sites: SciVee, JoVe, Nature Podcast, Google Tech Talks…


  • 9:08: Deepak convinced me totally: Bioscreencast is essentially one way for anyone who knows how to use a piece of software or a web service to capture their actions on screen, add a narrative and share with their peers.
  • 9:11: We’re watching the poster of Bioscreencast. I should give it a try, first for my Hungarian medical web geekery blog


  • 9:15: If I would like to create screencasts (I would!), then it would cost as much as nothing, as I have a microphone and there are plenty of free screencast softwares (I should write a whole post about it).
  • 9:20: No funding! They are working from their own pockets!
  • 9:24: We had to move on to the next poster of Jean-Claude Bradley (time is running fast). Youtube and UsefulChem…
  • 9:26: Jean-Claude: …in my lab we have been using YouTube to record experiments. Often the students don’t realize what is important to note in their notebook so I encourage them to link from our lab wiki to youtube.


  • 9:32: One of the scientific videos of Jean-Claude has over 5000 views in the past year on Youtube!
  • 9:35: We all had to agree: WikiSpaces – it rules!
  • 9:40: We moved on to see SciVee’s poster. I’m very interested in that!
  • 9:42: SciVee is operated in partnership with the Public Library of Science (PLoS), the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC). It can be great to work in such a partnership. :)
  • 9:44: Phil Bourne, SciVee co-founder, noticed that MOST of his students were spending a lot of time on YouTube when they should be working on their thesis projects. As a professor, he often caught them in the act watching videos. (Are we all the same?)


  • 9:46: Nice presentation! We have so many questions about SciVee!
  • 9:49: They accept video content that is relevant to a published peer reviewed paper. But they enable the upload of videos unrealated to a scientific paper. It’s like Youtube, but just for science.
  • 9:52: Licensing issues (CC 3.0) – nice catch from Troy McLuhan. They will contact a lawyer.
  • 9:58: The session is over, we had great presentations and posters. See you next week!

Live Coverage ends.

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