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Personalized Genetics: DNA 2.0 and the best thoughts on our genome

In the last few days, I haven’t been able to blog seriously and to share my thoughts about the improvements of personalized genetics with you, so now here are the most recent and interesting news/articles on this promising field of medicine:

Misha Angrist, one of the lucky subjects in George Church’s Personal Genome Project, has a great post on your genes and Alzheimer’s disease. Would you like to know about your ApoE4 status as long as there are no treatments? Questions like this one will rule the discussions about individualized genetics for a while.

David Hamilton keeps us up-to-date about the future war between our genes and our health insurers.


John Fossella presents DNA 2.0, a provider of synthetic genes and a NYT article about them:

Sales of the gene-synthesis industry are estimated at only $50 million a year, but they are growing rapidly. One foundry, GeneArt, in Regensburg, Germany, has gone public. It says it expects sales this year to increase at least 60 percent, to 12.5 million euros, or about $17 million.

Carol Torgan talks about the genetic map quest:

In the future, the information gleaned from your very own genome (all your DNA) – combined with your family medical history and current medical information – could lead to personally tailored medical care to better prevent, diagnose and treat conditions.

Who to follow to be up-to-date in the field of personalized medicine?

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  1. Berci,
    Great Recap on some very good posts.

    September 14, 2007
  2. Thank you, Steve! You always have a few kind words for me!

    September 14, 2007

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