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Famous Scientific Bloggers in Second Life: LIVE

We’re back again with a live coverage of this week’s SciFoo Lives on session in Second Life. Famous scientific bloggers will talk about blogging.

Live Coverage Starts

  • 8:23: I’m setting up the presentation of Bora Zivkovic.
  • 8:34: I’m still uploading the slides of Bora. We expect to see Bora, Sandra Porter, Jean-Claude Bradley and some presenters from Nature Publishing Group today.


  • 8:42: Greg Petersen, a reader of Sandra’s blog is with me now. The poster of Bora is nearly ready.


  • 8:45: Sandra Porter is with us now as well.
  • 8:49: More and more people are coming. The poster of Bora is finally up! Jean-Claude Bradley arrived as well.


  • 8:53: Bora Zivkovic and some more guests are here. Bora has something in his hand:


  • 9:00: Kick-off! The first speaker is Sandra Porter from Discovering Biology in a Digital World.
  • 9:04: Sandra said: ” I started doing this [blogging] because it complemented my teaching activities. I’ve found that it’s addicting.”


  • 9:05: She contrasts her experience with blogging with her experience with two of the papers that she published this year.
  • 9:06: Extremely valid points: As a molecular biologist, I am not always patient and so I enjoy the immediate gratification of blogging. And I enjoy knowing that people actually read what I write.
  • 9:09: How do bloggers become respectable? It’s getting very interesting:


  • 9:11: Sandra expressed a very important opinion: I think it’s really good for scientists to have an opportunity to share what they do with the public. And show the public that science isn’t an entirely abstract activity.
  • 9:14: Sandra: I don’t always think it’s worthwhile for me to spend years publishing peer-reviewed research anymore.
  • 9:17: You should check out the last few slides of Sandra’s slideshow. Perfect!! How can a blogger present a peer-reviewed article to the blogreaders…
  • 9:20: Some questions about what experiment she would not blog abou and whether she plans to use blogging in her course this Spring.
  • 9:23: The next presenter is Bora Zivkovic who fights with his computer. He’s in panic, as he said. :)


  • 9:28: What is a science blog? A blog written by a sientist or a blog that cover science, or both, with some exceptions?
  • 9:30: The number of participants is still growing…


  • 9:33: How true it is!! Bora: There are others who translate from Scientese to English – professional journalists. Journalists usually do not have PhDs on science. Bloggers often do. So bloggers often compare the papers to media reporting and find the media lacking.
  • 9:38: Bora is talking about the role of science bloggers in combating pseudoscience and educating people.
  • 9:42: There is a lot of humor and fun on science blogs. Of course, check out LOLDiabetes:)
  • 9:47: Bora is presenting science blogs writing about different fields of science and from different aspects. It’s so good to see how many blogs we have out there…
  • 9:51: Bora just disappeared… So Jean-Claude presents his slide.


  • 9:54: He is talking about Open Notebook Science. A unique project of him.
  • 9:56: You should also check out UsefulChem wiki!
  • 9:58: Bora is back in action now! The next slide is about Open Notebook Science. What a perfect segue!
  • 10:06: Bora is just finishing his interesting slideshow. He said: So, what is the next step – integration between different modes of communication, including blogs?
  • 10:08: One of the conclusions of today’s session is that Bora needs a better computer. :)
  • 10:12: Questions’ time! Actually, we’re talking about the scientific articles of Wikipedia… As an administrator, I can’t be objective.
  • 10:17: I said: You shouldn’t use Wikipedia as your last source, but a starting point… It’s an old rule.
  • 10:24: The discussion is still going on, but that’s all for today, folks! See you next time! I hope you enjoyed it!

Live Coverage Ends

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  1. This was great fun! My graphics card is about 10 years old! I did at one point fly a mile up in the air, just to crash down onto some stone structure. I am glad SL still does not allow one to feel real pain!

    October 15, 2007
  2. I’m glad you liked it, Bora! :)

    You had a great slideshow! See you next time as well!

    October 15, 2007
  3. Hi Betalan,

    I had fun, too. I wrote about it here.

    I hope that guy from Second Nature didn’t feel too bad when we didn’t jump in the hot tub.

    October 15, 2007
  4. Mo #

    I am glad SL still does not allow one to feel real pain!

    Who knows? With haptic technology, maybe it could.

    BTW Have you seen the SL BCI?

    October 15, 2007
  5. Thank you, Sandra! I updated the post with your articles.

    Moheb! How could I miss it??

    October 16, 2007
  6. Once again Berci – absolutely wonderful job of summarizing the session!

    October 16, 2007
  7. Thank you, Jean-Claude, for the opportunity to be a co-organizer of this session!

    October 16, 2007
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