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Ambulance Rides in Different Parts of the World

As I passed my exam of emergency medicine yesterday, I had a post today on my Hungarian medical blog in which I featured videos taken in ambulances in different parts of the world. I thought I should share these with you as well:

Budapest, Hungary:

Tel Aviv, Israel:

Hồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam:


Through red lights:

Leave a comment, if you know more videos.

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  1. The best ambulance rides I ever had were as a medical student on rotation in Papua New Guinea. We rode everywhere in the highlands, clinging to the sides of mountains, passing people and vehicles on a barely one lane road on sheer cliffs, getting stuck in 3 feet of mud on the mountainside, in the ambulance, which was a converted Range Rover. I think my husband may have some video of it! I have slides of it!

    Best ride was when we came upon 2 tribes fighting on a sheer mountainside, the arrows arching over the road, and spears being thrown. They saw us, stopped fighting, let us pass, and started fighting again. We got the casualties later on.

    February 6, 2010

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