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What’s on the web? (22 December 2007)

There are so many interesting things out there that it’s impossible to cover everything. But at least, I’m trying…

  • Do you know which is the best way to learn more about a specific medical subject? Webcast! Last week, Dmitriy Kruglyak organized a webcast dedicated to obstructive sleep apnoe. You can watch a slideshow while listening to the speaker from home…
  • We have the winners at the Laboratory Website Awards announced. Attila Csordás had a good idea and converted it into a real and successful competition. It wasn’t the last Laboratory Website Awards, believe me.



PTC124, a Drug Against Genetic Diseases: Overview
Pompe disease, a rare but important genetic condition
10 Tips for How to Use Web 2.0 in Medicine
7 Tips: How to track the information you need!

  • Medical myths (BMJ): Do we use only 10% of our brains or does reading in dim light ruin my eyesight? Check out the answers!

First-year medical students are some of the biggest hypochondriacs around. Bombarded with information about every disease under the sun, they start to imagine they have them all. In their minds, every mole is skin cancer. A nosebleed is surely a sign of a tumor. Headache?

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