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Mission USA: Last Day

From tomorrow, I won’t be a travel-blogger any more. I’ll get back to writing about medicine, genetics and web 2.0. Mission USA was a one-in-a-lifetime experience.

On Monday, I gave a slideshow at Yale (School of Medicine) which was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. I’m still humbled to be here.

On Tuesday, I met Gene Ostrovsky and Nick Genes from Medgadget. They showed me New York city told me about the historic aspects of this beautiful metropolis. And I was at the parade of the New York Giants.


Yesterday, I gave an other presentation at the hospital of Greenwich. Steve Murphy organized everything for me. I enjoyed being there so much. Steve is the only one I know who combines my two main fields of interest: genetics and web 2.0.

And last evening, I met Kerri Morrone from and had an interesting and funny chat with her. I must write about her diabetic community, D-Life, in the near future.

So let’s turn to the real medical/genetic posts!

Thank you for watching!

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  1. It was so nice to finally meet you, Berci. Thank you for a very nice chat and I’m looking forward to your next adventures. :)

    (No sarcasm! See??)

    February 7, 2008
  2. Berci,

    I had a great day showing you around New York. Thanks for coming out to the city and meeting with Nick and I.
    Oh, and I want to see more photos from your camera.


    February 7, 2008
  3. All the Best Berci. Looking forward to the photo slideshow

    February 8, 2008
  4. I wouldn’t really consider dLife Kerri’s “diabetic community”. She works for that organization, but the diabetes community is much greater than just that. It’s comprised of a lot of bloggers too. Known as a whole as the Diabetes Online Community (

    February 8, 2008
  5. Jillian – Right you are! The diabetes community is way more than just one blogger or one website. Our conversations were more about dLife’s position as a media organization dedicated to diabetes, not the diabetes blogging community. :)

    February 8, 2008
  6. I’ve been following your Twitters. How exciting for you! Thanks for sharing.

    February 8, 2008
  7. Thank you for the nice words! I had a great time in the US and I hope to go back soon.

    As soon as I remove my e-mail/blogpost backlog, I’ll create a photo collection.

    February 9, 2008

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