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Medicine 2.0 Carnival: Health 2.0 Apps and Virtual Education

med320.jpgI’m afraid this is the last time I host Medicine 2.0 (#19) before the summer as all the dates are taken by great bloggers. So now I would like to share dozens of interesting and useful links with you about the realm of Medicine 2.0 (education, virtual environment, communication) and Health 2.0 (patient communities, web tools in health care, e.g.). I hope you’ll enjoy

Let’s start with a new review from Joshua Rosenthal, Ph.D. posted at Read Write Web about new Health 2.0 apps. He focused on:

  • Personal health records: Google Health and Healtvault:



  • Trends:

Right now everybody has your data but you. Your doctor, your employer and your insurance company have the information and the tools. But that data is lost every time you move, switch doctors, switch jobs or insurance companies. Ironically, the person who has the greatest chance of impacting your health behaviors (you), has virtually no access to information and tools to do so.

So let’s move on with the well-known sections:

Medical education:

Joshua Schwimmer at Efficient MD talked about Google Book Search and Medical Education.

At the Clinical Cases and Images blog, there are some learning tools dedicated to Electrocardiogram (ECG, EKG).

David Rothman shared a presentation about nursing education with us.

The Tomography Blog presented an Online Dictionary of Radiology Words.

Sandra Porter at Discovering Biology in a Digital World launched the the OpenOffice challenge.

On my favourite French medical blog, Internet (Web2.0) et ophtalmologie, there is an extended list about how Medworm can be used for an opthalmologist.

Deirdre Bonnycastle at Medical Education Blog posted a video about 3D medical education.

Commmunities and personal health records:

Rod Brouhard at listed 7 ways to organize personal medical information.

Uri Ginzburg at Medical 2.0 presented Doccheck, a medical community with more than 500,000 users.

The Canadian Medicine blog has a new online book group called Literary Physicians.

Flags and Lollipops posted about the New JoVE blog & commenting on papers.

Jay Parkinson, the web 2.0 doctor, announced hello health at the Health 2.0 conference.

Medical Search and health 2.0:

Hamza Emadeen M. at GooMedic had an interesting question: Can We Play Surgery On XBOX Then Perform It In The OR ?

Scott Shreeve at Crossover health shared his views about the long tail of health care.

At HealthDot, you can wath 5 videos about Doctor 2.0 and Pateint 2.0.

At Digital Pathology Blog, check out the best sites about pathology.

Bob Coffield at Health Care Law Blog tends to use the apps of Google.

What should science blogging be? asks the BPR3 blog.

Deepak Singh at BBGM examined the future of semantic web.

Amy Tenderich at Diabetes Mine analyzed the patient aspect of health 2.0.

And my submission is Dangers of Web 2.0: In Medicine where I analyzed the dangers web 2.0 cause in medicine.

At last, but not least, let me present the Medicine 2.0 Congress that I plan to attend this September in Toronto, Canada. You can read more about the whole concept at the blog of Gunther Eysenbach.


If you plan to host an edition in the summer, contact me (berci.mesko at If you’d like to know more about the carnival, please visit the official page at If you write a medicine 2.0 related article, don’t forget to submit it here.

The next issue is due to be published on the 6th of April The Patient’s Doctor. See you next time!

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  1. Great collection lof samples of Health 2.0. Anyway we should discuss the risks when Health 2.0 recors offer everything about our health on Google for example. What would be the next step, the next business case whne Google deals with private health information?

    March 16, 2008
  2. This a great resource to send to educators. I think the mission for all of us who are passionate about web and health 2.0 is to get our faculty to destroy their powerpoint lectures and adopt more interactive and student centered learning techniques.

    Thank you for this compilation!

    March 16, 2008
  3. J’ai demandé à cet endroit sur une instance sur de nombreux maintenant, mais ce poste est le 1er que j’ai jamais commenté.

    Félicitations pour ce premier plan et de la critique du site. J’ai constaté qu’il est très utile et éducatif – Je désire seulement qu’il y avait plus de blogs en ligne comme celui-ci.

    Je n’ai jamais disparaître de ce blog sans avoir appris quoi que ce soit, de temps à autre, je peux sentir un peu triste que je ne peux pas d’accord avec un article ou un blog comeback qui ont été réalisés. Mais hey! C’est l’existence et si tout le monde a décidé de s’accorder sur ce que la même chose ennuyeuse vieux monde nous existeraient po

    S’il vous plaît garder votre travail admirable.

    Ayant dit tout cela, et si je suis aimablement autorisés à continuer avec mes entrées je viendrai à nouveau pour poster sur votre blog prochainement

    Cheers, avoir une bonne journée et je vous remercie.

    March 19, 2008
  4. You are all most welcome!

    Suzanne, merci beaucoup pour l’encouragement! J’essai de faire de mon mieux. :)


    March 19, 2008
  5. Good education blog, thank very much!

    March 22, 2008
  6. Thank for the link… Bon courage pour les révisions en ophtalmologie ;-) (

    March 24, 2008
  7. All the rewards and also dangers needs to be discussed with all the the treatment of ophthalmologist prior to making someone’s selection. Currently laser eye surgery is approved by simply food (foods and also substance …

    February 28, 2012
  8. Health 2.0 Apps are the essential ones in this medical field. Thanks for sharing this blog to make us aware about these kind of interesting information.

    February 14, 2015

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