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Personalized Genetics: The week of Navigenics

The past week was centered around Navigenics, the newest personalized genetic company. After I posted about the launch of the company, Hsien-Hsien Lei had an interview with Elissa Levin, the director of the genetic counseling program. And Elaine Warburton at Genetics and Health shared a really long and comprehensive series of interviews with us.

As Navigenics also finds it important to train physicians to be able to understand genetics and tell patients about their genomic profile properly, you can check out A Primer on Genomic and Personalized Medicine: How Will It Affect Your Practice? CME/CE course on Medscape. Steve Murphy took the test and is quite impressed.

Researchers from the Genetics and Public Policy Center at Johns Hopkins University are suggesting some companies are using misleading claims to push tests that have limited clinical validation — something they say may ultimately hurt the pharmacogenetics field.

  • Katherine Hyland explores the knowledge that is resulting from increasing genetic understanding in her presentation: A New Era in Medicine: Genetics

Stay tuned for more about individualized genetics!

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  1. A well designed CME does not make a Corporate Company the most upstanding Citizen. But it shows that the others kids on the block need to step it up with education.
    BTW the CME would in no way prepare a physician to practice Genomic Medicine. It is merely a brief primer on what has happened since 2003. It also only has 5 test questions. But they do have more CME coming and are funding a study by Mayo…….Hopefully the study doesn’t get scrubbed due to lack of funding. Some companies have been known to do this to get the PR buzz and then pull the funding a month or 2 later. I hope these guys don’t do that.

    April 12, 2008

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