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Medical Videos: Download in progress!

I’ve written about my list of sites focusing on medical videos and animations for plenty of times and here is another improvement. On, now we can download all the videos. It’s a great help if you plan to use demonstrational videos while educating or studying medicine. An excerpt from a recent comment on Scienceroll:

We would like to thank and we are glad to announce that has recently updated the databases and servers and we have released a new program for playing all kind of medical videos.
Also we have added new features to which allow all of you to download any video you wish for free using the download button.

We will be so happy if you will decide to share your medical videos you filmed or the ones you have and upload them to

Further reading:

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  1. Hello Bertalan and hello for all the members and visitors,
    As a follow up to this article about we would like to annouce that we have took a serious step towards protecting the environment and this is through getting new servers for the fast growing and the good piece of news is that all these new datacenters are powered completely by hydro-electric energy which is is friendly to the environment and do not contribute to more pollution.

    For more details about this you can refer to the following article:

    And thank you again Bertalan for the great article.

    November 2, 2008
  2. Also we have launched a new social network which is EXCLUSIVE for doctors and medical students.
    Services and application are developed in association with facebook developers to suit medical and health care workers.
    The new website is called “Medical PenPal” and it does not provide any health-related advices. Only a social network for doctors, medical students and other health care workers.

    November 3, 2008
  3. Hello,

    We are glad again and after 2 years to post here on the new updates of

    Now we have greatly expanded our servers and data centers which totally run on green energy.

    We have added new sections for Medical Images and Medical Audio files.

    Also we have totally changed the layout of the website to be fast and easy to browse especiallya after we got accredited by many U.S. and foreign medical school.

    Our members can now communicate with each other and write their own medical blogs.

    Many other features have been added to

    September 1, 2010

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