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My dear friends, I told you before… You just lost 600$ for being less patient than us. 23andme lowered the price of their service from 999$ to 399$. Even if I still think it’s not worth it, more patients will get access to their genetic background because of the lower barriers. An excerpt from the New York Times report:

The move might touch off a price war in the nascent business. The company’s main competitors, Navigenics and deCODE Genetics, charge about $2,500 and $1,000, respectively.

Mari Baker, chief executive of Navigenics, said the company would not be reactive to what its competitor did, saying that “cheapest wasn’t always best.” She expressed some surprise at 23andMe’s new price, saying, “I know what our costs are. They are many times greater than that.”


Read more about it on the blog of Steve Murphy, our gene sherpa.

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