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ScienCentral Channel: Genetic Genealogy

I’ve been a subscriber of the ScienCentral channel in Youtube for a while and there are really great videos about important topics such as genealogy (Blaine will certainly like it).

Genes don’t just tell whom you’re related to or why you look a certain way; now, they can also tell you where you came from. Researchers have created a genetic map of Europe, and they hope to expand it globally, as this ScienCentral News video explains.

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  1. Interestingly the genetic maps are confirming irish/Celtic legends about the migrations from Spain, the Milesian migration as somewhat accurate. i like that genetics is forcing us to look at history in new ways showing how we are often more alike than imagined and also showing that we are not all the same. Thats not good not bad it just is.

    September 24, 2008

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