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The Evolution of Writing

Robert Scoble left a message on Friendfeed yesterday:

“I invested a lot of time this year in FriendFeed and Twitter instead of my blog. Was that the right decision?”
I replied to him:
No question about that. In the past, websites were static compared to blogs. Now blogs are static compared to microblogging services.

This image shows something like that:


A Very Brief History of Micro-Media. Credit: David Armano.

(Hat tip:

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  1. unphased #

    twitter seems great as a rapid information-disseminating tool, but how many of your tweets will still be making an impact a year from now?

    November 20, 2008
  2. So here’s my question….what’s the most informative?? What makes the greatest contribution in this already crowded 2.0 sphere. If someone re-tweets – isn’t that just noise? Or is it interaction?

    Just wondering…. love your work Berci!

    November 21, 2008
  3. I have to go with the bird analogy again. It really depends on how much whuffie one has, actually.

    December 23, 2008

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