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Medical Education in 2009

How should medical education change in 2009? Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer but am trying to find sites and projects that could probably answer the question soon.

First, I will re-launch my university credit course focusing on web 2.0 and medicine in 2 weeks. I will also publish all the slideshows and try to persuade students to participate actively in this movement. I hope I can generate some discussions about how to reform medical education with this initiative.

Second, according to a Medscape article we will see a few changes in the near future at least in medical publishing:

Why is it, then, that medical publishers can retain copyright and limit access? Recently, pressure from proponents of the open-access concept has resulted in the emergence of some open-access publication models. For example, several publishers now allow full-text access after a defined period of time, such as 1 year after publication. Should physicians and their patients have to wait 1 year before access to important medical advances? I think not.

We need leadership to push for immediate, full-text access to all clinical literature and we need that leadership now. To paraphrase a mentor, “Knowledge [should] be in the domain of the seeker.”


Third, the Medical Education Evolution project is still active and looking for contributors. If you have a great educational site in mind, please add it here.

Fourth, the Meducation site can provide you with some great resources on medical education.


Fifth, you should also check out the Medical Education wiki.

Further reading:

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  1. Hi Berci

    Added me blog to the list. We need more blogs from those involved in medical education. I think that Dr. Shock’s could be included too. What do you think?

    And have you any ideas how we can shake up the Medical Education Evolution NING. It isn’t working as it is. I have tried to start conversations with no response, for example on using patient discussion forums in medical education. I am getting much more interaction on my own blog.

    I’m thinking about starting a medical education carnival. Would you support it? Since there are so few medical education blogs it might be an idea to start bi monthly or quarterly instead of monthly.

    What do you think?
    Anne Marie

    February 8, 2009
  2. I like the idea of a carnival but in the 5 years I’ve been blogging about medical education, I’ve had very few responses and have almost stopped posting several times. Offering an online course might be the answer???

    February 8, 2009
  3. I agree that it should be much more aktivity in here. I would like to get in touch with peolpe here who has received sickness or others. I,m sorry if you think my english is not good. Im from norway and need to prACTISE THE LANGUAGE a little to be better. I started studying psykologi. Ive red a lot, but i had to stop my studies because of my illness.ME So it would be interesting to share and learn about others expereences. My interest is also to give people who suffers with alcohol and drugs a better understanding and a better life, because my faher is having problems with alcohol and he is a very wonderful man. I feel sorry for him.

    February 9, 2009
  4. I think some of the reasons why the people dont catch up here is that this science roll need some structure. If you luck at this side it is like everything floates. The chatting need to get in front and everything else in the background. Then a lot of people will you this interesting page.

    February 9, 2009

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