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Launch Your Career with LinkedIn

Building an online reputation/profile/image is crucial for professionals and for students as well. When I talk about online reputation, the example I always mention first is LinkedIn, the best professional network globally. Now LinkedIn launched a ’09 Grad Guide:

Your LinkedIn profile is your connection to over 35 million professionals in the business world. Use it to show the world who you are. To help the world find you. This network will not just help you find a job, but GET a job.

I’ve already covered the topic:

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  1. Here are some interactive tutorials on using LinkedIn that you may find useful. These are open access.


    April 28, 2009
  2. Thanks your post about linkedin is certainly insightful. I recently wrote a nice piece on engineer’s lack of embrace for social media ( ). I am trying to raise awareness in the engineering community. My own opinion contrary to that of most of my peers is, social networking is not just necessary but a necessary progression from traditional modes of communication. I much the same way telephones were the better option compared to letters, then in much the same way sending emails or collaborating electronically is a better option than meeting someone in person. This we have to accept as the wave of the future and fully embrace it. Have a nice day

    April 28, 2009

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