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Radiopaedia: Section Editors Needed is a free online radiology resource built and maintained by it’s users. Section editors , as well as being regular users are responsible for overseeing part of the site, e.g. Gastrointestinal section. More information is available here. It is a great way to contribute to the site and radiology community in general, and you can also have something unique on your CV. Previous editors are of course remembered in the editor hall of fame.

This is a system Wikipedia should use as I’ve been saying for years.

They still have a few vacancies, and are therefore still accepting applications for the following positions.

  • gastrointestinal (GIT)
  • nuclear medicine (NM)
  • radiology physics
  • breast imaging
  • juniour trainee

Simply write to editors at with your CV and the section you are most interested in.

The new design of Radiopaedia

The new design of Radiopaedia that they will implement soon

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