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Genetic Counselors: Unite!

I’ve come across a new site, The DNA Exchange, that seems to be a really promising project.

We are a group of genetic counselors with an interest in public discussion of genetics-related issues. This is a place for GCs to express opinions and comment on personal, clinical, and professional issues in genetics through a centralized and public forum. We hope to engage the genetic counseling community as well as other health professionals and stakeholders.  We encourage your feedback, and always appreciate a good debate!

dna exchange

And if we are talking about genetic counselors, here is another article from

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  1. Hi Bertalan,
    I wanted to add:
    If you have an inherited disease in your family, a genetic counseling session can help you understand your personal risk or the risk for other family members. It can also help you learn what testing, surveillance, prevention strategies, or research trials may be right for your families’ situation.
    A genetic counselor will help you to understand the risk for genetic conditions such as cystic fibrosis, cancer, or Down syndrome. They can help to educate about the disease, and help in assessing the risk of passing those diseases on to children.
    A genetic counselor will often work with families to identify members who are at risk.
    Thank you
    Gary Graye

    June 9, 2009

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