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Your Mobile and Your Genomic Data?

Dr. Andras Pellionisz shared a press release with me today:

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) June 19, 2009 — The Google Phone demonstration introduced the imminent reality of the Genome Based Economy, as presented by HolGenTech Founder Dr. Andras Pellionisz at the Consumer Genetics in Boston the morning of June 10. HolGenTech Founder Dr. Andras Pellionisz demonstrated use of PDA for customers at the Consumer Genetics Conference in Boston in in the morning of June 10. Within hours, Illumina’s CEO Jay Flately featured a different business model application for personal genomes in the Apple iPhone. The demonstrations of hand held device applications intended for personal genomes stunned the audience of approximately 400 with a view into how practical applications of our personal genomes will change everything. Dr. Pellionisz illuminated the potential of the personal genome when applied to shopping in the Genome Based Economy.

Using the Google Phone’s built-in bar code reader, Dr. Pellionisz demonstrated how personal genome computing can detect genome-friendly and genome-supportive products from foods to cosmetics to building materials and beyond. In a demonstration, the PDA user was assumed to have a genomic proclivity to Parkinson’s Disease. The demonstration leveraged the Google Phone’s bar code reader to capture product information and a product rating scale to identify the prevention efficacy of any product under consideration. The consumer is equipped to make immediate product comparisons based on both personal health-preferences and genomic information with special consideration of the disease or syndrome of concern.

genome mobile

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  1. Tye #

    I worry about how the “rating” system is constructed. How would the system rate vitamins or supplements who have unregulated ingredients? I guess the only way to make sure that the product demonstrates its well meaning intentions is to get on the bandwagon early to help the company develop a reliable system for these “ratings”

    I think this is a very interesting idea in the same vein that it is easier to comply with medication and abstinence type programs (quitting smoking) when you know that your physician is monitoring your vitals remotely or has easy access to you (via email/facebook/twitter/etc). It could give those who want to make a lifestyle change but have a hard time with self-control and compliance to physicians recommendations (diet, etc)

    June 21, 2009
    • genomelover #

      It’s worth noting, too, that empowering the public with the right, easy-to-use tools to search out harmful ingredients, such as appetite suppressants or hidden sugars, petrochemicals, harmful chemicals, etc. will eventually give consumers the “upper hand.” Many ingredients are actually lurking, capable of potentially wreaking havoc and creating considerable harm–even causing death– often long before public awareness arises. Armed with such a tool as demonstrated, the public will no longer will be at the mercy of “hard sell” by vendors aimed at making a quick buck at the expense of our health. The unscrupulous can expect to be routed out and get ready to flee from the new scrutiny of a tooled-up public.

      June 25, 2009
  2. Tye #

    sorry, I wanted to check the notify button on the bottom and I forgot.

    June 21, 2009
    • genomelover #

      I did just respond to your original comment, Tye

      June 25, 2009
  3. I think the Google Phone’s built-in bar code reader is great.
    I would nice to try as i am a PDA user.
    I wonder when it become popular among customers around the world.

    June 22, 2009
  4. The DNAcowboy #

    the iPhone has also this capability with a little free app: Cyclops. Just in case you don’t have any more cash after a whole Genome Sequencing, as of july 2009!

    July 20, 2009

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