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How to use Second Life in Medicine: Free e-Guide

On, the first medical web 2.0 guidance service, I keep creating free e-guides for doctors in order to help them get closer to the web 2.0 world and make their online presence as efficient as possible. Now here is “Medicine in Second Life“, a free e-guide in which I provide step-by-step tutorials about how to enter the virtual world and organize medical meetings or case presentations.

sl in medicine

Please take a look at the table of contents:

      Next week, Webicina will release a new Web 2.0 Guidance Package focusing on Radiology resources.


      A meeting at the Ann Myers Medical Center

      Free Webicina content:

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      1. take a look at

        To help organisations maximise the learning potential of virtual worlds Daden has developed PIVOTE an open source learning authoring system for use in virtual world, on the web and even mobile phones. Working with St George’s University of London the system has been used to train paramedics. More than 50 organisations/people have downloaded the free software since its release.

        June 29, 2009
      2. I thought, that Second Life would be almost dead.

        June 29, 2009
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        June 29, 2009
      4. Thanks for putting this together and online.

        Having the pictures with the instructions really helps people see how straight forward SL can be.before the even try.

        Also enjoyed your suggested groups…I’ll need to make room for some of those.

        Will you be including some suggested sites in SL for medical folks new to SL to visit?

        June 29, 2009

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