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Webicina e-Guide: How to give a remarkable slideshow?

On, the first medical web 2.0 guidance service, I keep creating free e-guides for doctors in order to help them get closer to the web 2.0 world and make their online presence as efficient as possible. The newest free guide is How to give a remarkable slideshow? in which I provide positive and negative examples as well as new methods about creating unique presentations not just in medicine.

remarkable slideshow webicina

Please take a look at the table of contents:

      Free Webicina content:

      Prezi: A new generations of presentations

      I’ve presented almost 80 slideshows so far and have been using Powerpoint for years. I tried to redesign the newest slideshows by reading outstanding books like Presentation Zen or Slide:ology. But the real change was due to, a unique slideshow making tool developed in Hungary. I decided to create all the presentations for the next semester of my Medicine 2.0 credit course with it.


      Click here to see the Prezi slideshow I presented at Scifoo 2009.

      life after second life

      Scifoo: Virtual Worlds Session

      I co-organized a session at this year’s Scifoo with Andrew Lang. We focused on virtual worlds and how they can be used in medicine and science.

      Andrew Scifoo

      Andrew published his slides:

      I described what I’ve been doing in Second Life regarding medical case presentations and presented a new virtual world,,¬† which I will feature on Scienceroll for several times in the next few weeks. It’s still in beta, but will be improved constantly and is created by 3 talented Hungarian developers. Click here to see my presentation:

      life after second life

      Tweets of Science and PhD Comics

      I met Jorge Cham at Scifoo this weekend. He is a great guy and the author of PhD Comics, a fun site for PhD students and scientists. He has also published scientific comic books. His latest post features hilarious imaginary tweets from scientists. My favourite one:

      science tweets

      The Science Knowledge Quiz

      Are you more science-savvy than the average American? 12 not-that-hard questions about science and medicine from the Pew Research Center. I did it myself.

      science quiz

      Demographic breakdowns by question as of July, 14, 2009:

      science quiz2


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