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The Power of Customer Service in Genetic Testing: Comparison

The biggest problem with direct-to-consumer genetic testing is that it’s extremely hard for laypeople (and their doctors) to analyze the results properly. That’s why they need a genetic counselor who can help with the analysis and the interpretation of genomic risk factors even if the majority of these results cannot be used in medical decision-making. I got a test kit from Navigenics a few months ago. I could call their genetic counselor if I need help or I could contact them through e-mail and Twitter. This made me think about the accuracy and speed of the customer services of these companies. According to my experiences, when I asked a question:

  • DecodeMe replied in less than a week via e-mail.

Customer service is more important than anything in this field and if I can call a genetic counselor, why I cannot call them through Skype or have a private chat via videoconferencing (e.g. American Well)? This is an issue where all the companies have to improve a lot…

customer service in genetics

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  1. Private user #

    Quote: Pathway Genomics haven‘t replied in 4 weeks.

    Don’t use them! We were told our results would be available in ten weeks – the results are 2 months overdue and we are still waiting, waiting waiting.

    They seldom answer emails.


    October 24, 2009

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