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PeRSSonalized Medicine: Your Own Medical Journal

PeRSSonalized Medicine is a free medical information tracking tool that was designed for doctors and patients who don’t have time to learn to use RSS.  It only contains quality selected resources (medical journals, news sites, blogs, Twitter users, Youtube channels, etc.) and as we want to constantly update the database, please send your favourite medical resources to info at

After the positive feedback about PeRSSonalized Medicine, now it was time to launch different sections such as PeRSSonalized Radiology, Rheumatology, Neurology or PeRSSonalized Diabetes, Cancer, Depression,  and new sections will be published soon.

perssonalized medicine

Some reasons why it is unique:

  • You can search in the database. It means you will find medical information only from a quality selected portion of the world wide web.
  • You can personalize any of the sections.
  • You can also receive the newest Pubmed articles focusing on your search term. Just insert your field of interest, a therapy, a condition, etc. and click Search. Then you can add the newly created box to your personalized medical “journal”.
  • It’s meant to be a community-based project so we are open to submissions.

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