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Finishing Medical School

I think I owe you an explanation why there haven’t been new entries in the last few days. I had to study hard and pass the written and oral state exams. It means, after 6 years of hard work, I finished medical school.

I’ve always wanted to become a researcher and I went to medical school because I wanted to focus on clinical genomics, a field where the medical perspective is really useful. That’s why I will become a PhD student from October instead of residency and my research topic is personalized genetics.

I remember how much I hated anatomy lessons, then pharmacology, but now it’s time to focus on something I plan to dedicate my life to: personalized medicine.

I will get my medical license and diplome on the 19th of September and a new design of will also be installed by that time.


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  1. Congratulations Berci, always good to have doctors like you on board….

    August 28, 2009
  2. Paul V. Roby, MD #

    Congratulations, and thanks for the public service through your blogs.

    August 28, 2009
  3. Mikael Huss #

    Congratulations! Now the hard part begins! :-)

    August 29, 2009
  4. Congratulations, Berci! What a great accomplishment. You are now an MD 2.0 :)

    August 29, 2009
  5. Congrats again, Berci :)

    August 29, 2009
  6. congratulation and goodluck for your medical career

    August 31, 2009
  7. Congrats on all you have accomplished and I look forward to all that is yet to some!

    September 1, 2009

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