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PeRSSonalized Medicine: The Best German Resources

I launched PeRSSonalized Medicine to help patients and doctors keep themselves up-to-date more easily, without any kind of IT knowledge. It is an easy-to-use, free medical information aggregator that lets you select your favourite resources and read the latest news and articles about a medical specialty or a medical condition in one personalized place. We already have national versions:

english deutsch español português nederlandse magyar

And now the German version is launched! It does not only mean the platform is German, but the resources are also the best ones in that language. We will publish French, Polish and Italian collections as well soon. Please let us know if you want to see PeRSSonalized Medicine in your language.

german perss

Many thanks to Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schrader (Twitter) from Frankfurt am Main – University of Applied Sciences who helped a lot with the translation and the selection of quality German resources.

Some reasons why PeRSSonalized Medicine is unique:

  • You can search in the database. It means you will find medical information only from a quality selected portion of the world wide web.
  • You can personalize any of the sections.
  • You can also receive the newest Pubmed articles focusing on your search term. Just insert your field of interest, a therapy, a condition, etc. and click Search. Then you can add the newly created box to your personalized medical “journal”.
  • It is a community-based project. Please let us know which quality resources should be added to the database.

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  1. Martin #

    Well done! Please add “Deutsches Ärzteblatt”, the German BMJ/JAMA to the sources:

    October 5, 2009
  2. Thank you Martin & Ulrich, I just added it to the database. It’s getting bigger and bigger. :)


    October 6, 2009

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