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Health 2.0 News: Lifehacks and Patients

Today, I’ve got butterflies in my stomach, which usually only happens when I sit in the back seat of a moving vehicle. That’s not because it’s D-Blog day today, either, although I want to start out by sending lots of love to all my fellow diabetes bloggers, and you wonderful people who read our words and interact with us regularly. You have changed my life, for the better. So thank you all!

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  1. Kaká #

    True, much depends on how we maintain our health, especially on Thanksgiving, but it is also true that studies are conducted from time to time are not 100% effective, remember that many people suffer from pain without having weight problems or chronic pain, and it represents a poor diet, not because they do not eat well but eat much junk food and this is what must change in findrxonline indicate that eating foods with adequate calories, food for the enough calcium and regular diet helps tremendously complicated but not to healthy living.

    November 27, 2009

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