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2009 in Numbers and Entries

2009 was a great year for me and also for Scienceroll. I graduated from medical school and started PhD in clinical genetics. The second and third semesters of my “Medicine and Web 2.0” university course were finished. I was included in the The Future Health 100 list. Scienceroll had almost 500 blog posts and 500,000 page views. But now please enjoy the last 365 days’ most popular blog entries of Scienceroll.













Happy New Year! I hope to see you again in 2010! Scienceroll will come up with some exciting material in January.

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  1. E #


    I believe that it is not necessary too much instruments to test something.

    Sometimes the instruments provoke an alteration, the panic in the patient.

    Medical instruments are so a tragedy for many patients.

    Sometimes regarding the face of the patient or touching some important points to relax the patient, or touching without touching only loving the patient as a mortal not as a death.

    Patients are more sensitive because they are ill.

    They don’t need explanations or yes, but they need Life.

    And Life could donates energy and energy could transforms all.

    I don’t know well I believe why. A doctor when you are recovered then it’s like a trahison or something like that.

    You provokes in him like a bad situation, accepting that you alone has passed the bad, the evil, yes!!!!

    May 20, 2010

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