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Scan Your Sample Under an Electron Microscope

I’ve recently received an e-mail from ASPEX that offers readers the opportunity to scan a sample of their choice with an electron microscope (Desktop SEM) for free. Here are a few examples.

What you have to do:

  • Fill out the form and mail it along with the sample you want scanned to:
ASPEX Corporation

Free Sample Submissions
175 Sheffield Dr.
Delmont, PA 15626
  • Once ASPEX has completed the scan, the images and report will be posted on ASPEX’s website here.
  • It should take about 2 weeks for the results to post to the ASPEX website, and submitters will be notified via email. Samples scanned for free will not be returned.
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  1. But it’s the best if you have one of it.

    January 18, 2010
  2. Martin #

    Cool – but will US customs let it obscure biological materials?

    January 20, 2010
  3. If you are shipping samples from overseas, your best bet is to check the UPSP website for guidelines and regulations regarding US customs and what is or is not acceptable to mail.

    January 22, 2010

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