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Web 2.0 in Action in Hospitals

We can talk about the potential role of social media or web 2.0 in the future of healthcare forever but what really counts is how doctors use these tools and applications in their practices. So I’m very glad when I see an example that works in real, and it means there are reasons to work more and more in order to change healthcare through social media. I also have to mention the 53% adoption rate of hospitals. Ed Bennett highlighted we’re now at 805  hospitals out of 1,500 doing some sort of social media. Not bad, right?

Let’s see the scenario Ves Dimov, MD featured on Clinical Cases and Images:

“It is difficult to keep track of which patients are in which rooms, how many patients are in the waiting room, and how far the doctors are falling behind with their patients for the day. If patients were late, canceled their appointments, or the waiting room was overflowing, the doctor would be the last to know.”

As an experiment, Southeast Health Center incorporated the “Check-in Tracker”, a shared spreadsheet on Google Docs, into their clinic flow which you can see a sample of below:

And Kevin, MD pointed out the idea of Elizabeth Han:

We might get lots of great discussion, but wouldn’t it be nice if a portion of the visit could focus on addressing “trending topics”? So, once again:

1. Take 10 minutes at the midpoint of the visit and have everyone tweet their feelings, keywords, anything.
2. Visualize in real-time with Twitterfall.
3. Discuss, discuss, discuss!

There are so many nice examples it’s hard to mention all of them. But stay tuned on for more!

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  1. Tom Farrell #

    It’s a great idea- the Google Doc schedule. But if the doctor in the example above were using electronic scheduling, there would be no need for it; office and clinical personal would be up-to-date with the patient flow activity on a real-time basis.

    February 23, 2010
    • You’re right, but how much would it cost? Google Docs costs nothing.

      February 23, 2010

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