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New Networks for Scientists

I’ve been constantly updating a huge list of biomedical community sites for years and now the list contains 44 sites, but here are two new ones.

VIVO: The national network of scientists will facilitate the discovery of researchers and collaborators across the country. Institutions will participate in the network by installing VIVO, or by providing semantic web-compliant data to the network.

Orwik:  The innovation life-cycle is equal parts funding, team work, and publishing. Orwik helps you along the way by enabling collaboration management, and community development.

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  1. Gordon Mcintyre #

    I am a retired plant physiologist who became very interested in cancer. After studying the cancer literature for several years I postulated that factors affecting cell water content ( “cell hydration” )play a major role in both the promotion and prevention of cancer, and also that factors increasing cell hydration promote tumor growth and metastasis. Abstracts of my two papers on this hypothesis can be found on Pubmed be enterting my surname and initials (mcintyre gi ). I would welcome any comments or critcisms,

    April 11, 2010

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