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Personalized Genomics: Genetic Testing Registry and Next-Gen Sequencing

I know I have not been updating you about the improvements of personalized genomics lately, but here are the most interesting and important news focusing on this emerging field of medicine.

  • When DNA means do not ask (TIME): Quite a negative (but partly valid) article from Camilla Long about genetic testing and DTC companies.

If Long wishes to stay ignorant of her own genetic risks – just as she has managed to remain ignorant of the entire field of genetics, even while writing an op-ed piece about it – that should be her choice. But her criticism of others who choose to pursue a greater understanding of their own genetic risk is entirely, horrendously misplaced.

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  1. Genomics and the possibility of “low cost” gene sequencing will bring us many answers. A lot of research teams are working hard on it. However, do not forget the huge commercial potential when such service becomes available… Billions of Dollars $$$$


    March 24, 2010

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