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2010 Spring Semester Week 6: Virtual Reality in Medicine

I launched the world’s first elective course at a medical university focusing on web 2.0 and medicine for medical students in 2008. This is the 4th semester and the 6th week was dedicated to virtual worlds in medicine and healthcare. Here is the outline of my presentations.

First slideshow:

A shorter version of the original slideshow with my own narration:

  • More than 20 million users, 30,000,000 online hours
  • What does SL mean for people?
  • It used to mean gambling (but not now)
  • Game? work? (The number of Second Life residents generating more than $5,000 in monthly income has more than quadrupled to 116 in the past year, according to San Francisco’s Linden Lab, owner of Second Life.); place?; tool?; entertainment?; sport?; opportunity?; appearance?
  • Technological barriers: register, download, install, open, log in
  • You can fly, walk, teleport, buy, sell, build.
  • Communication (chat, IM, e-mail, voice)
  • advantages (3D, media content, fast communication – SL fitness)
  • disadvantages (reliability, serious hardware requirement)
  • why do we need a SL?



Take-home message: great opportunities for patients and medical professionals as well.

Second slideshow:

Take-home message: Second Life provides useful tools to organize meetings, educate and learn without borders.

Free e-guide about medicine and virtual worlds on Webicina.

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  1. How is anyone going to have time to run a second life? At least for me, with three kids and a business, my first life tend to use up all available time.

    April 7, 2010
  2. Hi Berci, I have just watched your first slideshow on Virtual Reality in Medicine and wanted to tell you that it’s very interesting and that the audio is excellent. Thank you for posting all this wonderful information on your blog. Cheers!

    June 8, 2010
    • Hello Miguel!

      I’m very glad you liked it! I plan to upload more in the future.



      June 8, 2010

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