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Digital IQ Index in Pharma: Which Brand Rules Social Media?

L2 Digital IQ Index for the pharmaceutical industry authored by NYU Stern professor of Marketing, Scott Galloway, ranks 51 of the top U.S. pharma brands according to their digital competence. The list was created by using four criteria:

  • Platform (40 percent, including site effectiveness and brand translation);
  • Off-Platform Messaging (25 percent, covering digital marketing efforts such as online and mobile advertising);
  • Search Engine Optimization (20 percent, based on visibility on top search engines);
  • and Social Media (15 percent, defined by presence on popular 2.0 platforms).

You can download the report in PDF.

“Our analysis shows that, despite the challenges inherent in an ambiguous regulatory environment, some brands are innovating online and building a foundation for digital growth once a clearer path is illuminated,” says L2 founder and NYU marketing professor Scott Galloway.   “However,” Galloway continues, “the industry as a whole disappoints as most brands offer obsolete technology, anemic content and scant social media programs.”

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  1. Facebook continues to rule the world.

    March 2, 2011

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