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Virtual Reality Enhanced Mannequin for Resuscitation Training

Federico Semeraro and his collegues just published a paper in Resuscitation focusing on the evaluation of a virtual reality enhanced mannequin designed for resuscitation training.

The objective of this study was to test acceptance of, and interest in, a newly developed prototype of virtual reality enhanced mannequin (VREM) on a sample of congress attendees who volunteered to participate in the evaluation session and to respond to a specifically designed questionnaire.

RESULTS: Overall, the evaluation of the system was very positive, as was the feeling of immersion and realism of the environment and simulation. Overall, 84.6% of the participants judged the virtual reality experience as interesting and believed that its development could be very useful for healthcare training.

CONCLUSIONS: The prototype of the virtual reality enhanced mannequin was well-liked, without interfence by interaction devices, and deserves full technological development and validation in emergency medical training.

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  1. New innovations are getting as close to perfection as can be desired. I hope we are able to port similar technology to surgical training – could save many more lives and of course remove undue fear to trainees. Hope to see newer apps of this tech.

    May 20, 2010

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