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MedMatcha: The dating agency for medical advertising

Frankie Dolan, the founder of, just came up with a great idea about how to bring closer quality advertisers to quality medical bloggers and services. Here is an excerpt of the mission statement of MedMatcha:

I started to realise that a lot of medical companies with worthwhile products that the industry would benefit from knowing more about, do not even bother with online advertising, since there simply isn’t an easy, reliable, trustworthy, cost effective way to go about advertising online. Advertisers need to be able to have control over where their ads are placed, to protect their product’s reputations, and of course they also want their ads going only to highly relevant audiences, which are often hard to identify on the net. They too want a simple solution, without any big financial commitment, so that they can ‘test the waters’ easily, and then further invest in only those campaigns that are proven to be effective.

MedMatcha can be thought of as the dating agency for medical advertising. You fill in a detailed profile of your product/service/website, and it finds you the most closely matched advertising partners. Both advertisers and publishers have to be in agreement about a match before the ads roll.

The more registered services it has, the sooner it can launch. You can register here.

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  1. Great idea, we look forward to seeing the results.

    May 26, 2010
  2. Thanks Berci for the fab review. Feedback so far on the concept has been fantastic and there’s some great sites and publishers now signing up for the launch. I’ll be announcing a launch party with a difference soon – and those who register now will be first on the guest list – will keep you posted.
    All the best,

    June 2, 2010

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