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DIYgenomics on Smartphones

In personal or direct-to-consumer genomics, what we need is reliable, scientifically correct smartphone applications. Here is DIY Genomics, and Android app, which performs a side-by-side comparison of consumer genomic services such as deCODEme, Navigenics and 23andme by loci and variants for 20 conditions. It also does the same for drug responses and health risks.

What can you do?

Select 1 of 20 top conditions covered by consumer genomic services

Side-by-side locus, gene and SNP comparison of deCODEme, Navigenics and 23andme

Selecting any SNP row, comparison of underlying studies cited by company

Click-through to PubMed study listing

Actually it provides the user with reliable pieces of information that might help interprete the data.

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