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Esther Dyson about Genomics

Esther Dyson answers questions about the direct-to-consumer genome market at the recent New York City Quantified Self Show&Tell meetup:

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  1. Esther, with a most agile mind but without specific professional domain expertise in genomics or epigenomics, makes some disclaimer statement in her presentation that “nobody knows what any of this means”. Later, in the A&Q she is pinned down by the ultra-hard ultimate question at 9:33 (wanting clarification, the question is repeated in a simplified manner at 10:30): “how do heredity and environment interact through consciousness?”

    Esther’s answer indicates that “this is a long story” and (quite aware of the science and technology) that “there are interesting people who are looking at it”. Maybe she is referring to “The Principle of Recursive Genome Function” (easily Googled in full) that laid down the theoretical foundation of how genomic- and epigenomic halves of the hologenomic fractal recursive iteration gives rise of fractal organelles, organs and organisms, governed by fractal whole DNA (rendering both half-a-century but mistaken axioms of “JunkDNA” and “Central Dogma” obsolete). Thus, while it is appropriate to say “nobody *knows* what any of this means”, fortunately we are beyond the point that there is not a single algorithmic (i.e. software enabling) *theory* how to go about making theoretical predictions and verifying/falsifying them through experimentation. HoloGenomics advanced Genomics/Epigenomics from the statistical (“brute force”) stage into a more advanced status of the interplay manifest in e.g. theoretical and experimental physics.

    From a practical viewpoint of any willing player, luckily we are also in the first phase of practice when empowered consumers can make conscious, moreover automated user-friendly choices in order to optimize, in the quest towards Personalized Health Care (not necessarily Medicine!), the hologenomic DNA-RNA-PROTEIN-DNA… recursion, see 3 YouTube-s by “Pellionisz”.

    June 18, 2010
  2. Great resources of Thank you for sharing this with us.

    June 19, 2010

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