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JournalFire: Online Journal Clubs

It’s not so complicated to organize journal clubs online for example on Friendfeed or Twitter, but JournalFire will certainly make it even easier. I asked John Delacruz, co-founder, how JournalFire differs from e.g. Friendfeed.

A major difference is how we give special treatment to journal articles.  We give every journal article its own page which aggregates the discussion about the article, and our users’ interactions with the article.  For instance, if you visit the following articles on JournalFire, you’ll see the people and groups that have found the article interesting, and their comments.

You can also follow articles, much like you would follow people on Friendfeed.  For instance, if you followed all your publications, any comments about those articles would appear in your feed on your home page.

The only disadvantage is you can have only 4 members for free, but if you want to build a really big community, it will cost you $29 a month.

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