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My Bookshelf: Laugh, Sing, and Eat Like a Pig

I’ve recently started a new series called My Bookshelf in which I post short reviews of the new books I finish. The second book I review is written by fellow blogger and e-patient superstar, Dave deBronkart. First I read the story of Dave years ago, and actually, he is now included in my Internet in Medicine university accredited course. I describe his story to my students as he is THE example of how e-patients can leverage the potential advantages of web 2.0. His recent book, Laugh, Sing, and Eat Like a Pig, How an empowered patient beat stage IV cancer (and what healthcare can learn from it) is just fantastic.

1) I’m sure it’s a golden mine of information for patients dealing with similar health issues; 2) it’s more than useful for doctors who really want to know how they can help their patients even more; 3) it should be a must-read book for policy makers in order to get insights about the lives of empowered patients.

He does not only share his moving and inspirational story, but also shares his opinions on electronic medical records, Google Health, patient communities and also contacting other e-patients. This book will certainly lead the way for the Participatory Healthcare and also for the Medicine 2.0 and Health 2.0 movements. A must-read!

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  1. Thanks, Berci. It continues to amaze me that this story has this effect on people, because to me it’s just “my life,” and I didn’t set out to do anything amazing (except stay alive) (and then help improve healthcare).

    (The book is now in stock on Amazon UK – I’ll update my web page, and I hope you’ll update it here so your readers aren’t discouraged!)

    July 28, 2010
  2. Hi Dave!

    How should I update the post? Just let me know.


    July 28, 2010

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