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Spanish Medgadget on Spanish Webicina

My friends over at Medgadget, which is the best medical blog out there, launched the Spanish version of the site:

Medical technology affects just about every person in the world in one way or another. Because we write in English, a majority of the world’s population can’t read this site, and automatic online translators simply can’t translate industry specific, professional material. We believe in expanding access to our medical content and so would like to present Spanish Medgadget. We are now professionally translating our posts into Spanish, and if you prefer Medgadget en Español, head on over to or to Medgadget Español on Facebook.

And the Spanish Medgadget is featured in PeRSSonalized Medicine, the customizable collection of selected Spanish medical blogs, journals, news, Twitter users and more on which means you can follow the best Spanish medical blog in the simplest way. Click here for more selection and languages.

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  1. MedGadget is the best medical blog, period?? Is it all about the gadgets, or even all about the technology??

    August 4, 2010
  2. Obviously, it’s my subjective opinion, but I do think this is the best as it focuses on technology, global health issues and social media as well.

    August 4, 2010

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