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AT&T and Telemedicine

I just got an e-mail mentioning the role AT&T would like to play in telemedicine and remote patient monitoring. Here is a comprehensive review about this, and I thought I would share some real examples now.

The term telehealth— the use of telecommunications to share healthcare services and information–encompasses multiple aspects of healthcare: teleconferencing, conversion of medical records to digital form, and collaboration among healthcare providers who all have the same information.

Potentially more exciting is the use of telecommunications to remotely monitor patients’ health and relay medical and biometric information directly from the home to doctors and health facilities, all within seconds. Remote monitoring is possible with a new generation of small, inexpensive sensors with very low power requirements. The new sensors, benefiting from recent advances in miniaturization, are as accurate as hospital-grade equipment of just a few years ago, at a fraction of the cost.

Lusheng Ji of AT&T Labs Research discusses wireless-network health research projects, including smart slippers and remote monitoring of pill-taking.

Demonstration of remote patient monitoring at the HIMSS 2010 conference.

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