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Kairos Society features Webicina, my free service that curates online medical resources for medical professionals and e-patients, was selected by the Kairos Society which means I will exhibit it on Wall Street this February. I also got a chance to discuss the current global health problems in the HQ of the United Nations with the most innovative student entrepreneurs of the world. Of course, I will blog and tweet about the whole event.

The Kairos Society is an international student-run not-for-profit foundation based in the United States. We started with the belief that the key to improving our world lies in uniting the next generation of leaders to develop globally impactful innovations. To this end, Kairos has built a member base consisting of some of the brightest students from top universities around the world. Along with guidance from some of today’s foremost leaders, these students are working together to use entrepreneurship and innovation.

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  1. BilliardsKing #

    Congratulations on getting nominated for the Wall Street Exhibition by Kairo Society. Let us know how it goes!

    Billiards Cues

    February 17, 2011

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